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Absa Gold Credit Card – Amazing Rewards!

Credit Card

The Absa Gold Credit Card is a versatile and convenient financial option, offering a number of advantages and features that make its acquisition a smart choice.

Here are some of advantages and ways to get an African Bank credit card

Amazing Rewards of Absa!

For those who love to earn credit card rewards, the Absa Gold Credit Card is the ideal card! Check. That’s because you can get your money back from Absa Rewards when you pay off your card. In addition, completing simple challenges in the bank’s app will reward you with Absa Advantage

With Gold, you can also shop online or in-store securely. In addition to enjoying Preferential Rates in the local and international lounges of Bidvest Airport. Travel insurance when booking round-trip international tickets.

But let’s bring you more details about this product below

Advantages of your Absa Gold Credit Card

Some incredible benefits offered by the card:

  • Digital Bank
  • Access to the Bidvest Airport Lounge
  • Travel Insurance
  • Free card loss protection
  • Rewards with app
  • Absa Advantage: Complete simple challenges in the Absa Banking app and get rewarded instantly for smarter banking operations
  • Exclusive Visa benefits, such as Visa Global Merchant offers
  • Contactless payments: Tap to pay with your card, smartphone or wearable device at any point-of-sale machine worldwide
  • NotifyMe: For added security, turn on SMS notifications to receive alerts of any activity on your account
  • Credit history: Use your card and build a credit history

Rates & Fees

One cool thing that the card also offers is different rates. For instance:

Interest Rate: Get up to 57 days interest-free on qualifying transactions

Transaction fee: No transaction fees on purchases

Fixed monthly payments: You can pay extra in your monthly installments if you need to

In addition, you can purchase and pay with your credit card. The bank offers a credit limit of up to R90 000 to its users. Eles também podem Swipe, scan or tap to pay at which point-of-sale machine worldwide and shop online or in-store securely.

The 5 steps to apply for the card:

  1. Enter the Absa Gold website and sign up at the link provided
  2. On the Online Account Application page, enter the characters as shown in the image
  3. Complete the assessment in six steps
  4. Save and continue later, or continue at each stage of your trial
  5. Click apply when you’re done with the assessment

If you want a closer service, you can have this with the card in two ways:

Visit an African Bank branch in person and talk to a bank representative. They will guide you through the necessary requirements and assist you with your credit card application.

Or, if you prefer, contact the African Bank call center for additional information about the application process and provide the required documents. The attendants will be able to clarify your doubts and assist you in the procedure.

Always remember to read the terms and conditions of the African Bank credit card carefully before applying, ensuring that you are aware of all associated fees, charges, and liabilities.

Apply Now!

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