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The Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card!

Credit Card

Discovery Bank offers a wide range of banking products, and the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card is among them. If you’re looking for an account that’s flexible, affordable, and offers more than just a credit card, then the Discovery Bank Gold Card Account is the smart choice for you.

The Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card comes with full transactional capabilities, including the ability to set up third-party debit orders, make EFT payments, and accept salary deposits.

Here are some benefits of the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card:

– With the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card, you have up to 55 days of interest-free credit on select transactions, and you can easily manage your credit with the most flexible credit facility in the market.

– Additionally, you can add as many free savings accounts as you need to achieve your goals.

– You also have access to the unique Real-Time Forex Accounts, available 24/7 on your banking app.

The Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card also offers the Vitality Money program:

Participate in our Vitality Money program and unlock your personalized shared-value stack of rewards. You can earn HealthyFood rewards at Pick n Pay or Woolworths, pay up to 4% less interest on your borrowing rate, and save on fuel and Uber rides. And that’s just the beginning.

Endless Rewards:

Get the account that rewards you for getting financially fit. Discovery Bank rewards clients with Discovery Miles for getting healthier, driving well, and spending responsibly. Discovery Miles is Discovery’s rewards currency that’s more versatile and valuable than cash, with more ways to earn and spend them than ever before.

Spend your Discovery Miles on flights, holiday accommodation, and car hire.

Travel benefits and services:

– Now you can book your discounted local and international flights in the Discovery Bank app.

– Free international travel insurance with flight tickets purchased using your Discovery Bank Gold credit card.

– International cover for emergency evacuation to the nearest medical facility for treatment.

– International cover for lost or damaged luggage.

– Repayment for trip cancellation or trip interruption for non-refundable fares in the case of an unforeseen or medical emergency.

– The ability to make purchases worldwide, wherever Visa is accepted.

– The ability to make cash withdrawals from all Visa-linked ATMs worldwide.

Financial Health with the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card:

When you join Discovery Bank, we help you review your financial health based on five key financial behaviors, and you get a Vitality Money status based on this. 

Your Vitality Money status gives you a good indication of how well you are managing your finances. Not only that, but your Vitality Money status is also directly linked to the rewards you can earn. 

That’s why we’ll show you the steps to improve your status and give you access to tools like our Vitality Money Financial Analyzer, which uses advanced analytics to give you intelligent insights and personalized alerts to help you become better with your money. 

As your Vitality Money status improves, so do your rewards.

You can quickly and easily open our Discovery Bank Forex Accounts, available in British Pounds, Euros, and US Dollars, 24/7 on the Discovery Bank app. 

Get real-time rates and immediately start saving and transacting in the foreign currency of your choice. Plus, you pay no fees when you transfer and convert between your foreign currency and Rand accounts, and we’ll help you manage your foreign currency allowances too!

Add your free virtual card on the banking app and link it to your smart device for fast on-the-go payments while you travel outside South Africa or order a physical debit card for cash withdrawals abroad.

Apply for your card now!

Visit the official Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card website and apply for your card now!

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