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Do you want to apply for a loan from Standard Bank? We can help you!


The financial institution Standard Bank offers various modalities of personal loans to different types of clients. The process of requesting these credit lines can be carried out through the internet with just a few steps. Check out the article to find out more information about the bank and the loans offered!

Personal loans work as credit lines offered by banks and other financial institutions so that clients can use the money for various purposes, such as investing in businesses, paying debts, taking trips, buying vehicles or properties, and much more. The process of applying for this type of loan is usually quite simple, just go through the bank’s analysis and the money is subsequently released into your bank account.

It is also important to emphasize that the conditions for granting the loan vary depending on the bank and the chosen credit modality. Most of the time, banks ask for personal and financial information from the interested party seeking to contract the service so that they can evaluate whether the consumer has the ability to pay the loan installments.

Standard Bank is one of the financial institutions in South Africa that offers loans to customers. There are several types of loans available to fit the needs of different clients. Check how these credit lines work and see how to apply!

The loans offered by Standard Bank to customers

Standard Bank offers some personal loan modalities that aim to meet the needs of different clients. The credit lines offered by the bank can reach R300,000. In order to facilitate the lives of its clients, the bank allows loan applications to be made online. Online, it is also possible to access information such as the loan term and the repayment time.

Interested parties in hiring the loan who are already Standard Bank customers can obtain some additional advantages. This is because the UCount Rewards account can be used to receive the loan and still earn reward points that can be exchanged later for trips, cash, purchases in partner stores, and much more. In addition, the bank allows customers to repay the credit in up to 72 months in some cases.

In total, there are three credit lines offered by Standard Bank. The first one is the term loan, which offers a fixed repayment amount and allows for repayment between 12 and 72 months. In this case, it is possible to request a loan of up to R300,000.

Another loan modality offered by the bank is the retroactive loan, which allows the customer to have money when they need it, without the need to apply for credit more than once. To do this, it is only necessary to repay 15% of your loan. This credit line also offers a maximum value of R300,000 and customers have between 12 and 60 months to repay the amounts.

Finally, there is the overdraft loan modality, which works similar to an overdraft. Thus, money is offered instantly after the loan is contracted. The period of time for the loan to be repaid, in this case, is recurring, since no minimum monthly payments are made because the resource is paid at the moment the customer’s income is deposited into their account.

It is worth noting that before applying for a personal loan, it is necessary to take some precautions so that the debt does not become an even bigger problem in the future. Therefore, the first thing to do before hiring the credit line is to analyze the actual need for the loan. Before making the personal request, it is important to evaluate whether this is the best option for your current financial situation. In some cases, it may be more advantageous to seek other alternatives.

It is also important to assess your ability to repay, as the loan installments accrue interest. Therefore, before requesting the service, it may be interesting to make a financial planning taking into account all your expenses. Remember also to analyze the interest rates charged by the bank to avoid surprises. This procedure can also help you choose the most advantageous option for your needs.

Before closing the contract, read all the terms and conditions carefully, such as the term and amount of the installments, additional costs, interest rates, and other information. This will ensure that you have complete knowledge about the service you are contracting.

In addition, avoid excessive loans, it is recommended to avoid requesting services that are more expensive than necessary so that it is possible to avoid excessive indebtedness and long-term financial problems. With these tips, you can safely and responsibly contract a loan.

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How to request a loan from Standard Bank?

As previously mentioned, there are various loan modalities offered by the financial institution, but the way to request the loans follows the same steps. There are several ways to request Standard Bank loans through the internet.

If you’re a Standard Bank customer

If you are already a customer of the bank, it is possible to request the loan through the Standard Bank banking application. To do so, follow the step-by-step guide:

  • Firstly, you need to open the application and log in;
  • Next, click on the “More” option and select a new account;
  • Then click on “Personal loans” to check if you qualify to continue with the application;
  • If approved, follow the steps that will appear on the screen;
  • After this procedure, the money will be deposited into your bank account.

Through Internet Banking, you need to follow the following procedure:

  • The first step is to log in to Internet Banking;
  • Then click on the “Borrow” option;
  • Finally, just follow the steps that appear on the screen, and if you are approved, the money will be deposited into your account.

If you want to request the loan through Mobile Banking, you need to follow this procedure:

  • Dial the number *120*2345#;
  • Choose option 3 from the menu;
  • Follow the steps described on the screen;
  • Then, you will receive information on your mobile phone about your enrollment;
  • If it was successful, one of the bank’s agents will contact you to proceed with the loan request.

If you’re a non-Standard Bank customer

If you are not a bank customer, you can still apply for a loan. To do so, simply go to the Standard Bank website and click on “Do I Qualify”. This option can be found at the top of the page, and through it, you can see if you qualify to apply for the loan amount. Finally, submit a form on ‘Call Me Back’ and the bank will contact you so that the enrollment can be completed.

The loan application process can be done entirely online, without the need for the client to go to the financial institution to finalize the contract. When applying for the loan, remember to have your personal documents on hand, as they may be requested.

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