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How to apply for a Barclays Africa credit card? Check out this and other information!

Credit Card

Barclays Africa bank offers a range of benefits to its clients, including the possibility of applying for a credit card. The bank’s credit cards can meet a wide range of its clients’ needs. Check out how each one works and see which one is the most suitable for you!

Credit cards work similar to loans and have a set payment term, which is usually one month. The product is offered by banks and financial institutions. When applying for a card, the consumer receives a certain limit to make purchases of goods and services in advance, meaning that the spent money is paid after the purchase, on the due date established in the contract.

Having an active credit card with an established limit allows for making purchases in one installment, which must be paid off in full, or in installments. There is also the possibility of participating in the financial institution’s benefit programs and accumulating points that can be exchanged for products and various services. In addition, the products have a certain interest rate and limit that are established by the bank. In most cases, interest rates follow a standard, but the limit is usually determined based on income.

Barclays Africa bank offers several types of credit cards for its clients. Check out below the available options and see which one fits your financial needs!

Types of credit cards offered by Barclays Africa

Barclays Africa bank offers several types of credit cards for its clients, in total there are three types of credit cards available. The first one is Rewards credit cards, which allows users to be rewarded for their daily spending, providing refunds on purchases made by credit card. If you do not wish to receive the refund, it is also possible to choose to accumulate Avios.

Purchase offer credit cards allow users to make purchases without paying interest on the balance for a period of time. Therefore, it’s possible to buy today and pay only in a few months. Finally, Credit building credit cards are intended for clients who want to improve their credit score or start building their score from scratch.

Therefore, it’s worth evaluating each category of credit card to see which one best fits your needs. Check out the following:

1. Avios and Rewards credit cards

In this category, the credit cards offered are the following:

Barclaycard Avios plus

Through this type of credit card, clients can earn 1.5 Avios for every R1 spent on eligible purchases. Terms and conditions and exclusions apply. The main features of the product are as follows:

  • Purchase rate 29.9% p.a. variable.
  • Representative 80.1% APR variable.
  • Based on a R1,200 credit limit.
  • Purchase rate 29.9% p.a. variable.
  • Monthly fee R20.

Barclaycard Avios

This credit card allows clients to earn 1 Avios for every R1 spent on eligible purchases. Terms and conditions and exclusions apply in this case too. In addition, the representative APR variable is 29.9%.

Barclaycard Rewards

This credit card allows consumers to earn cashback for every pound spent. The representative APR variable is 28.9%.

2. Balance transfer credit cards

This category of credit card allows users who are paying interest on credit or store cards to consolidate their debt. The balance transfer cards offered by the bank are the following:

Barclaycard Platinum up to 29 month balance transfer card

This is the financial institution’s credit card that offers the longest balance transfer duration, giving more time for the client to pay off their balance. The product has a representative APR variable of 24.9%.

Barclaycard Platinum up to 20 month balance transfer card

The product offers maximum flexibility, allowing the consumer more time to pay off their balance. In this case, the representative variable APR is 24.9%.

Barclaycard Platinum up to 18 month balance transfer and up to 21 month purchase card

This card is flexible and can be used for purchases and balance transfers. Its representative variable APR is also 24.9%.

Barclaycard Platinum up to 12 month balance transfer card

This is the bank’s shortest duration balance transfer card and does not have a transfer fee. The card in question has a representative variable rate of 24.9%.

3. Credit building cards

If you want to improve your credit score or want to build one from scratch, this type of card can be a great option.

Forward credit card

This card is intended for people who do not yet have a credit history or have a limited credit history. The representative variable APR is 33.9%

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To apply for a Barclays Africa credit card

To access the credit cards offered by Barclays Africa, it is necessary to use the application available at the following link: Through the platform, it is possible to access the login with secure fingerprint touch ID. Additionally, there is also the possibility of using the app password.

The application also allows users to access all of their accounts in one place. If you are already a customer, you can also access your current account. Additionally, the bank’s platform allows for simple authentication to make online purchases with just a few taps.

It is worth noting that the financial institution also allows its customers to accumulate Avios when making new purchases, but not on money transfers or balance transfers. Additionally, any transactions that are subsequently returned or refunded will not accumulate Avios. To accumulate Avios, the financial institution also requires the consumer to comply with the terms and conditions of their account and stay within their credit limit.

Before acquiring the credit card, the consumer needs to go through some procedures. This is because it is necessary for Barclaycard to accept them as a customer. To pass the evaluation, it is necessary to register on the bank’s platform. By doing this procedure, your credit score will not be affected, and you will also not be obliged to request a card later.

Having a credit card can have a number of benefits for users, as it allows purchases to be made that can be paid off in the next month. Due to this factor, it is a good option for when you do not have money to buy something that you need at that particular moment. Additionally, financial institutions offer a range of benefits for credit card users, who may receive refunds or accumulate points that can be redeemed for services or products.

However, before acquiring a credit card, it is necessary to be aware of some precautions that must be taken when using the product. Banks provide a pre-approved limit for customers to use as they wish, but it is necessary to be responsible and spend only what you will be able to pay back later. This is because acquiring debts with the bank can bring a series of disadvantages and still make you financially limited.

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