Explore the advantages of the Standard Bank Diners Club and discover why it might be the ideal card for you

Introducing the Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum Credit Card, a premier financial offering that goes beyond traditional banking experiences. Elevate your private banking journey with exclusive travel, lifestyle, and insurance benefits that redefine luxury and convenience.


Standard Bank Diners Club

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The best credit card!

With a modest monthly fee of R 120.00 and a minimum annual income of R 500,000, the Diners Club Platinum Credit Card ensures a personalized credit limit and a fixed interest rate for your financial stability.

Discover how this exclusive card can transform your financial experience by offering a comprehensive range of benefits and advantages that cater to your needs and lifestyle. With the Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum, you’re not just conducting financial transactions; you’re also enjoying a high standard of services and amenities that make each transaction a truly exceptional experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this world of financial exclusivity. Learn more about the Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum and find out how it can seamlessly align with your financial expectations and aspirations.

Benefits of Standard bank diners club

Travel Perks: Embark on a world of discounted flights, accommodation, and exclusive experiences with the Standard bank diners club Platinum Credit Card.

Lounge Access: Indulge in the luxury of international and domestic Premier Club lounges, providing you with a haven of comfort and exclusivity.

Insurance: Benefit from free automatic Phase I insurance or choose additional top-up insurance through the Diners Club Online Travel Insurance Portal for comprehensive coverage. 

WIFI: Seamlessly connect to over 45 million WiFi hotspots in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide with Diners Club International.

ClubStore & Partnerships: Explore the Diners Club network of privileges with over 30 partners across travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and retail. Earn and redeem ClubMiles for occasions, hampers, gifts, and lifestyle vouchers through the online ClubStore.

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