The SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card - Do you know?

The SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card is your key to a world of enhanced lifestyle benefits and fantastic rewards, making every swipe a step towards a more rewarding experience.


SAA Voyager Gold

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Benefits of a SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card:

1. Enhanced Lifestyle Benefits: The SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card offers improved lifestyle benefits and rewards with every swipe, providing a seamless and rewarding experience.

2. Flexible Financial Management: Enjoy up to 55 interest-free days and a personalized interest rate, coupled with transparent rates and fees, including a convenient credit facility fee.

3. Automatic Voyager Rewards Enrollment: Cardholders are automatically enrolled in the Voyager Rewards program, gaining early access to travel promotions and the ability to earn Miles at an accelerated rate.

4. Extensive Rewards and Discounts: Earn unlimited Voyager Miles, bonus Miles for ticket purchases and spending milestones, along with exclusive discounts on purchases, Nu Metro tickets, and Wine-of-the-Month Club packs.

5. Comprehensive Travel Benefits: Access exclusive promotional fares, early Voyager promotions, and travel to 1,200 destinations with 26 Star Alliance airline partners. Enjoy additional luggage, preferential check-in, and flexible use of Companion Tickets.

6. Convenient and Secure Management: Manage the card effortlessly with the Money app or Online Banking, including tap-and-go features and integration with digital wallets. The card prioritizes security with chip and PIN technology, SMS notifications, and easy card control options.

7. Insurance and Cover: Benefit from automatic basic travel insurance and optional credit life protection, offering coverage for events like death, disability, critical illness, or retrenchment.

8. Flexibility in Usage: Change credit limits, use the card in-store, online, at ATMs, or overseas. Enjoy flexible repayment options and the ability to pay off purchases over time with the budget facility.

9. Exclusive Partner Offers: Convert Miles to AvoPoints, enjoy discounts at Wine-of-the-Month Club, and get 50% off Nu Metro tickets by using the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card.

10. Security Features: The card prioritizes security with chip-and-PIN technology, transactional SMS notifications, and easy management options through the Money app, Cellphone Banking, and Online Banking.

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