Sanlam Money Saver Credit Card: Unlocking a Wealth of Benefits with Every Swipe

Experience a revolutionary credit card like never before – the Sanlam Money Saver credit card.


Sanlam Money Saver

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Sanlam Money Saver Credit Card Benefits Summary:

1. 5% Wealth Bonus with Every Swipe:
– Earn a guaranteed 5% Wealth Bonus on each transaction.
– Allocate 2.5% of your purchase to a dedicated Wealth Bonus account, matched by Sanlam.

2. Flexible Payouts:
– Accumulated Wealth Bonuses paid out quarterly or annually in cash.
– Empowerment to decide how to utilize earned bonuses.

3. Exclusive Rewards at TotalEnergies Forecourts:
– Enjoy the 5% Wealth Bonus on most transactions.
– Receive an extra R1 back for every liter of fuel at TotalEnergies forecourts.

4. Reward Partners Amplifying Wealth Bonus:
– Partnered with diverse Reward Partners for consistent 5% Wealth Bonus.
– Excluding TotalEnergies transactions, where the unique R1 back offer applies.

5. Smart Shopping, Smart Earning:
– Extensive network of Reward Partners for rewarding transactions.
– Every swipe contributes to a 5% Wealth Bonus, enhancing financial empowerment.

6. Annual Vehicle Inspection Benefit:
– Reality Plus, Reality Core, and Reality Club members receive an annual vehicle inspection.
– Inspection cost: R95, with details automatically uploaded to Sanlam Reality for tier points.

7. Discount Coupons for Grocery Savings:
– Reality Club and Wealth Bonus Lifestyle for Sanlam Corporate members enjoy monthly discounts.
– Unique coupons redeemable at selected Shoprite, Checkers, and Checkers Hyper stores nationwide.

8. Digital Redemption Process:
– USSD-based digital redemption via *134*20019#.
– 16-digit barcode sent via SMS for cashier insertion before payment.

9. Coupon Limitations:
– Approximately 35 different discount coupons available monthly.
– Limit of 5 coupons per item per member per month.

10. Priority Discount Application:
– When using Checkers Xtra Savings card and Sanlam Reality coupons, the higher discount prevails.

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