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The SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card – Do you know?

Credit Card

The SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card is your key to a world of enhanced lifestyle benefits and fantastic rewards, making every swipe a step towards a more rewarding experience.

With an annual service fee of R700 and a minimum monthly income requirement of R6,600, this card offers unparalleled advantages.

Enjoy up to 55 interest-free days and a personalized interest rate, providing you with flexibility and control over your finances.

Rates and fees are transparent, with an annual service fee of R700, a replacement card fee of R150, and a credit facility fee of R27 per month. Forget about charges on card swipes or additional cards, as this card ensures convenience without hidden costs.

Voyager Rewards program of SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card

Automatic enrollment into the Voyager Rewards program means you’ll be the first to know about exciting travel promotions, earning miles at an accelerated rate.

The rewards and discounts are abundant, with the opportunity to earn unlimited Voyager Miles on the SAA Voyager American Express® card.

Get 10,000 bonus Miles on your first SAA ticket purchase and an additional 15,000 Bonus Miles when you spend R320,000 in a calendar year.

More benefits of SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card 

Flexibility is at your fingertips, allowing you to change your credit limit, use your card in-store, online, at ATMs, or overseas.

The Money app or Online Banking lets you manage your card effortlessly, offering features like tap-and-go and linking your card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, or Garmin Pay.

Monthly electronic statements, QR code payments, and flexible repayment options add to the convenience.

The card also comes with insurance and cover, including automatic basic travel insurance up to R3,000,000, with the option to top up at a discounted rate. Optional credit life protection for events like death, disability, critical illness, or retrenchment is available.

Travel benefits 

Travel benefits are extensive, providing exclusive access to promotional fares, early access to Voyager promotions, and the ability to travel to 1,200 destinations with 26 Star Alliance airline partners.

Enjoy an additional piece of luggage on SAA operated flights, preferential check-in, and the option to pay for any SAA flight with your card while using or donating your Companion Ticket.

Security is priority!

Security is a top priority with chip- and PIN-enabled cards, transactional SMS notifications, and the ability to block, replace, freeze, or unfreeze your card using the Money app or Cellphone Banking.

Stop or block your card at any time using Online Banking or call 0800 110 929, and set your transfer and withdrawal limits with ease using the Money app.

Summary of benefits – SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card

1. Enhanced Rewards:  SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card offers accelerated miles, exclusive bonuses, and discounts on purchases.

2. Flexible Finances: Enjoy up to 55 interest-free days, personalized interest rates, and transparent fees for convenient financial management.

3. Comprehensive Travel Benefits: Access exclusive promotions, early Voyager offers, and extensive travel perks, including additional luggage and preferential check-in.

4. Convenient Management: Seamlessly manage your card with the Money app, online banking, and digital wallet integration for tap-and-go convenience.

5. Security Features: Benefit from chip-and-PIN technology, transactional SMS notifications, and easy card control options for enhanced security.

In conclusion, the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card seamlessly blends lifestyle benefits, rewards, flexibility, and security, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a credit card that goes beyond expectations.

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