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Sanlam Money Saver Credit Card: Unlocking a Wealth of Benefits with Every Swipe

Credit Card

Experience a revolutionary credit card like never before – the Sanlam Money Saver credit card. 

This unique financial tool promises more than just transactions; it guarantees a 5% Wealth Bonus with every swipe, excluding purchases at TotalEnergies forecourts. 

Let’s delve into the intricacies of how this card works and how it can become a game-changer for your financial journey.

How It Works: Maximizing Your Wealth with Every Transaction – Sanlam Money Saver

Earning a Guaranteed 5% Wealth Bonus

Have you ever imagined earning a wealth bonus with every credit card swipe? With the Sanlam Money Saver credit card, this dream becomes a reality. Here’s how it unfolds: each time you make a purchase, you commit to allocating 2.5% of the transaction to a dedicated Wealth Bonus account. As a token of appreciation, Sanlam generously matches your 2.5% contribution, culminating in a substantial 5% Wealth Bonus for each transaction.

Flexible Payouts

Accumulated Wealth Bonuses are not just numbers on a statement. Sanlam ensures you reap the rewards by paying out your Wealth Bonus either quarterly or annually in cold, hard cash. This flexibility empowers you to decide how you want to utilize your earned bonuses.

Exclusive Rewards at TotalEnergies Forecourts: Adding Extra Value to Your Fill-ups – Sanlam Money Saver

Fueling Up with Confidence:

While the Wealth Bonus is applicable to most transactions, TotalEnergies forecourts bring an extra layer of value. For every liter of fuel you pump at TotalEnergies, you not only enjoy the guaranteed 5% Wealth Bonus but also receive an additional R1 back. 

This exclusive benefit transforms your fueling experience into a rewarding one, making each visit to TotalEnergies more financially appealing.

Reward Partners: Amplifying Your Wealth Bonus Across Brands

Expanding the Wealth Horizon – Sanlam Money Saver

The Sanlam Money Saver credit card is not just a card; it’s a gateway to wealth accumulation. Partnering with a diverse array of Reward Partners, this credit card ensures that every transaction with these brands yields a consistent 5% Wealth Bonus. 

This bonus is guaranteed, excluding transactions at TotalEnergies forecourts, where the R1 back for every liter of fuel remains the unique offering.

Shop Smart, Earn Smart – Sanlam Money Saver

Committing to savings with the Sanlam Money Saver credit card becomes even more rewarding when you shop at our extensive network of Reward Partners. From retail to dining and more, every swipe contributes to your 5% Wealth Bonus, bringing you one step closer to financial empowerment

In a world of financial choices, the Sanlam Money Saver credit card stands out as a beacon of wealth-building opportunities. 

With a guaranteed 5% Wealth Bonus and exclusive benefits at TotalEnergies forecourts, this card transforms your everyday transactions into avenues for financial growth. 

Take charge of your financial destiny – swipe, save, and reap the rewards with the Sanlam Money Saver credit card.

Sanlam Reality Benefits: Enhancing Your Day-to-Day Savings

Uncover a world of exclusive benefits tailored for Sanlam Reality members, focusing on day-to-day savings that redefine the way you experience financial perks. 

From annual vehicle inspections to discount coupons, let’s explore the detailed advantages designed to elevate your Reality Club and Wealth Bonus Lifestyle.

Annual Vehicle Inspection: Keeping You on the Road Safely – Sanlam Money Saver

For All Reality Plus, Reality Core, and Reality Club Members:

An annual vehicle inspection is a complimentary benefit available to all Reality Plus, Reality Core, and Reality Club members. This exclusive perk ensures that your vehicle undergoes a comprehensive inspection, enhancing its safety and performance.

Details of the Inspection:

Conducted at participating Tiger Wheel & Tyre and Tyres & More stores, this inspection comes at a cost of R95, which is for the member’s account. By consenting to the inspection, you grant permission for Tiger Wheel & Tyre and Tyres & More employees to conduct necessary tests and inspections, contributing to the overall safety of your vehicle.

Sanlam Reality Tier Points:

Upon completion, Tiger Wheel & Tyre and Tyres & More automatically upload the details to Sanlam Reality, earning you valuable tier points. Sanlam Reality members with a Santam personal insurance policy can benefit from tier points, fostering a seamless integration of benefits.

Note on Insurance:

It’s important to highlight that completing this vehicle inspection has no impact on your Santam policy, ensuring the independence of this valuable benefit.

Discount Coupons: Unlocking Monthly Grocery Savings

Exclusive to Reality Club and Wealth Bonus Lifestyle for Sanlam Corporate Members:

For Reality Club and Wealth Bonus Lifestyle for Sanlam Corporate members, the discount coupon benefit provides monthly savings on a variety of grocery items, making your shopping experience even more rewarding.

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