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Titanium Credit Card – Standard Bank – Incredible benefits

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The Standard Bank Titanium credit card is a credit card option that offers its holders a series of benefits and distinct features. Standard Bank is an international bank with a solid reputation, and the Titanium card is one of its premium offerings.

Main features of the Standard Bank Titanium credit card:

Exclusive Eligibility 

Titanium is a credit card designed to serve a select group of customers who seek exclusivity and personalized services. It is generally offered to individuals with high purchasing power and/or a solid credit history.

Generous Credit Limit

Titanium cardholders generally enjoy a significantly higher credit limit compared to conventional credit cards. This allows holders to make larger purchases and have greater financial flexibility.

Travel Benefits

Many Titanium cards offer exclusive travel benefits such as access to airport lounges, comprehensive travel insurance, travel rewards programs and 24-hour travel assistance.

Exclusive benefits of the Titanium credit card

Get up to 5%* cashback when you book any domestic or international hotel, apartment and more


Get free basic travel insurance when you purchase your flight tickets with your credit card

Treat yourself

Enjoy 10% off when you spend R300 or more on ProGifts

Travel perks

Enjoy flight discounts with Emirates for up to 20%* and car rentals with Avis for up to 15%*

But there is a lot more! The Titanium Credit Card goes further

In addition to all this, with the Titanium Credit Card you have:

  • Rewards Programs: Standard Bank often associates its Titanium card with rewards programs that allow cardholders to accumulate points or miles that can be redeemed for rewards such as airline tickets, luxury hotel stays and purchases.
  • Assistance and Insurance: Titanium cardholders generally have access to a wide range of insurance, such as travel accident insurance, purchase insurance and extended warranties on products purchased with the card.
  • Personalized Customer Service: Standard Bank generally offers premium customer service to Titanium cardholders. This includes dedicated relationship managers who can help with special requests and answering questions.
  • Fraud Protection: Titanium cards are equipped with advanced security technology to protect cardholders against fraud and unauthorized transactions.
  • International Acceptance: The Standard Bank Titanium credit card is widely accepted around the world, making it a convenient option for those who travel frequently or shop in international markets.

Monthly fee, fees and credit limit

Live a modern lifestyle with the Titanium Card and have access to exclusive benefits for an affordable monthly fee:

Monthly fee of 86.00

Minimum monthly income of 25,000

Credit limit of 250,000

Custom interest rate

In summary, the Standard Bank Titanium Credit Card is a premium option that offers a number of exclusive benefits designed to meet the financial and lifestyle needs of upscale cardholders. Before applying for a Titanium card, it is advisable to fully understand its features, terms and conditions to ensure it is the right choice for your financial needs.

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